SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Lathor is the best school in the area which provides world class education under the supervision and guidance of such teachers who themselves are keen learners and follow the system diligently. The team of well-qualified teachers at SHEMFORD Lathor readily follows theShemEduMAX TM School System & Curriculum that complies with the CBSE norms. Moreover, the teaching is conducted by using innovative and modern teaching techniques and aids. Besides this, the school lays focus and special emphasis on improving students’ spoken English as well. The school also adheres to the recently implemented curriculum framed for sports and follows the same in all forms, thus ensuring that health is truly the prime wealth.

The teaching process at SHEMFORD Lathor is accelerated and stream-lined by conducting regular teachers training programmes wherein the teaching skills of the teachers are enhanced for improving their hands-on teaching experience.

Besides providing world class education to the children of Village Post Lathor, SHEMFORD Lathor has spread its reach to the children residing in the vicinity areas viz. Kalonda, Bhatona, Devli, Kurli etc..

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Transport Facility
SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Lathor offers safe and convenient transport facility to the children in the following regions:
• Gesupur
• Parpa
• Laxmangarhi
• Molabad
• Bharana
• Kota
• Sikandrabad
• Moradabad
• Chhayansa
• Sanota
• Mandawra